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About us

Self-Help-Housing.Org is a unique project which has been set up to:

  • raise the profile of self-help housing
  • map what’s currently going,
  • put existing projects in touch with one another
  • help develop new local projects &
  • increase the resources available to self- help housing

How  will this be done?

  • By creating a dedicated self-help housing website making it possible for existing self-help projects to make contact  with one another and to share their experiences and providing advice and information for   people interested in setting  up new self-help housing projects
  • Working with 2nd tier  community, housing and regeneration organisations to develop new projects among their members
  • Working with both charitable and statutory funders, to persuade  them to  finance self-help housing projects through revenue or capital funding.
  • Working to encourage local authorities, housing associations and private owners to consider self help-housing as an option for utilising their empty properties.

Who we are

Self-Help-Housing.Org has been set up with funding from Tudor Trust by three partner organisations :

  • Agents For Change: a social agency with extensive experience of empty property and short term housing
  • hact: a  charitable housing trust  working to assist people at the margins of housing
  • Social Spider CIC: a not-for-profit design, communications and social action  agency

Our contact details

For further information, contact:

Jon Fitzmaurice,  Director on 07939 593 251 / 0207 207 9717



Jon started working in housing in Birmingham with Shape Housing Association, which had been set up to work with young people renovating empty properties for homeless families. He later joined Shelter’s Empty Property Unit in the early ‘80s and from there moved into mainstream housing. Over the years he’s been a member of many boards including Shelter and a number of housing associations.

However, his interest in mobilizing people to take control of housing has never waned and seeing self-help housing in decline he decided to set up a project that would put it back on the map: Self-Help-Housing.Org is that organization. “ It’s crazy that there are so many people in need of housing and yet so many houses standing empty. It’s not for everyone, but getting hold of some empty property and bringing it back is a possibility, of which  most people are unaware. The project and website are dedicated to helping anyone and everyone who wants to explore this option”