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Back On The Map, Hendon, Sunderland

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Back on the Map was established in 2001, as one of 39 government-funded New Deal for Communities Programmes intended to regenerate severely deprived communities by investing in Education, Employment, Community Safety, Health, Housing, Environment and Community Engagement.

Within the initial 10-year lifespan, the NDC invested £54M and brought about significant improvements for Hendon. One initiative which had a major impact on the area, and was facilitated by an underspend on the NDC’s housing renewal programme, was the purchase of 63 properties from private landlords and owner occupiers wishing to leave the area.  The Board established a locally-based organisation as a successor body to continue the legacy, which obtained charitable status in 2010.

Back on the MapA new set of goals were formulated that focused on the ongoing concerns expressed by residents locally and complemented existing strategy and provision in the city. After a period consultation it was agreed that the successor body’s new goals be designed to reflect and address residents’ concerns about:

Growth Plan To 2021

Building on previous success, and maintaining a focus on its key objectives, the goals for Back on the Map, by 2021, are to optimise grant income, annual surpluses and loans in order to:

BOTM’s Housing Activity

Back on the MapThe NDC’s properties had been managed by Gentoo HA, but in 2013 BOTM ended the agreement and took over their management. Since then it has established robust housing management practices, reduced outgoings, completed major property improvements, achieved 85%+ lettings, increased the level of Charitable Reserves to 6 months full operational costs and with the help of the local authority using HCA funding acquired a further five properties.

By bringing the property and tenancy management in house BOTM has been able to select and induct tenants carefully and develop effective relationships whereby tenants could be in daily contact with their local-based staff team who could deal with repairs and neighbourhood issues responsively.

The agreed focus continues to be creating good quality housing for rent, making these homes as fuel efficient and affordable as possible and building on its existing welfare/support for tenants/residents; in the belief that this will:

Next Steps In Relation To Housing

BOTM aims to consolidate and expand its housing stock over the next five years:

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December 2016

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