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Partnership Project Between Community Campus and Coast & Country HA

Coast and Country HA & Community Campus/ECYHT

and  Redcar & Cleveland LA 

This innovative project around bringing back empty properties into use,is being  delivered as a partnership between the public, private, charitable and voluntary sectors. It will:

* Have a positive impact for local communities,

* Increase the supply of affordable housing &

* Provide opportunities for young people to learn new practical skills which will help

them on their journey into work.


1. Coast & County Housing Association

Coast & Country Housing Association owns over 10,000 homes, in Redcar & Cleveland and throughout the Tees Valley. Tackling worklessness, reducing homelessness and increasing the supply of affordable housing are central to its corporate objective of creating sustainable communities.

2. Community Campus & East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust

Community Campus and East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust work with mainly young people in Teesside and Redcar & East Cleveland, to provide, advice, training, support, guidance, development opportunities and housing accommodation.

Empty Property In Redcar & Cleveland

There are 800 privately owned empties and 200 publicly owned empties in Redcar & Cleveland and the local authority has one of the highest numbers of private homes empty for 6 months or longer. These homes can be empty for a variety of reasons  they are often causing distress to local communities and would be much better brought back in to use and used to house someone who requires a home .

3. The Project

This is a partnership comprising

  • Coast & Country HA
  • Community Campus & East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust
  • Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council &
  • The HCA

The HCA have responded very positively to this project and have allocated Coast & Country £250,000 of Temporary Social Housing Grant to work with CC & ECYHT to renovate a minimum of 10 empty private sector properties, each with a life of six years.

Coast and Country and the local authority will work with landlords of empty homes to agree to lease their unimproved houses to Coast and Country for a period  of six years  The properties are across the borough of Redcar and Cleveland generally in areas of high housing demand .
Community Campus, supported by East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust, will   work with young people mainly to provide training and on-site construction experience, and there will be training and employment opportunities, linked to accredited training and on-site experience, for all those involved. .

Young people working on the project will be given first option of the property to rent if they require accommodation on an assured shorthold tenancy agreement  This will be used as an opportunity for some young people to prove that they can sustain a tenancy. A move-on strategy has been  set up with Redcar and Cleveland Borough council to ensure those sustaining their tenancy can move on to more secure accommodation in the future with Coast and Country, or other local providers. .
Coast and Country, will manage the tenancy offering pre-tenancy support and ongoing support to the new tenant, including financial advice, housing benefit verification, and support to address worklessness issues.

“This  project is  a “win win” for all concerned says Lesley Conroy, from Coast & Country

*There will be training and employment opportunities, linked to accredited training and on-site experience, for all those involved in the project

* The high standards of the work of the young people, will be highlighted by using a number of the completed homes as a showcase to local employers.

*Empty homes causing blight in communities will be returned to use, thus reducing blight in communities and the negatives that sometimes come with empty homes

* Landlords of the private homes will have an option to bring properties back to good condition and if proves successful will be likely to offer them for rent after the period of the lease

Coast and Country and Redcar and Cleveland Council  will help to reduce levels of homelessness, whilst offering opportunities to tackle issues of worklessness and to provide more affordable social housing and a move on strategy in the area.   .



Lesley Conroy Eston Area Co-ordinator   01642 836006

Carl Ditchburn Community Campus         01642