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St Basils Birmingham Live Work


‘Live and Work’ partnership between St Basils & Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust – A community response to youth homelessness.


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‘Live and Work’ partnership between

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals

NHS Trust and St Basils


This is an innovative scheme which will provide 27

Apprenticeships for young people who will be

homeless or at risk of homelessness from across

Birmingham and Sandwell. The Trust will provide

a block of apartments previously used as staff

accommodation but no longer in use. St Basils will

use funding from The DCLG’s  Empty Homes Community Grant Programme to refurbish the flats,

providing on-site shared accommodation for the

apprentices. Keepmoat Regeneration, a partner of St

Basils, will complete the refurbishment of the

accommodation. St Basils will manage the

accommodation and support the young people

in their homes and the Trust will provide a range

of Apprenticeship opportunities across their

domain. A Pre-Apprenticeship programme is

being funded by Health Education West Midlands

and delivered at University Hospital Birmingham.

The particular innovation of this scheme is that

young people will be benefit free. The funding

and support structure has been developed to

ensure that young people can have the

opportunity to live and work without recourse to

welfare benefits.


It takes a community to bring up its young people. This scheme recognises, encourages and supports that approach.

Help us find work, earn our own income

ch prevent and support young people out of homelessness.

It is better for our future and costs less

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