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The Empty Homes Grants Programme – Introduction

The Department of Communities & Local Government ( DCLG) is currently providing funding to bring empty homes back into use between April 2012 and March 2015. The Programme is divided into two funding streams:

  • The Main Programme: isavailable to registered providers/housing associations and is administered by the Homes & Communities Agency and the GLA in London &
  • The Community Grants Programme: is available to community led housing organisations and is administered for DCLG by Tribal Education & Learning (an organisation which specialises in running grant programme).

The First Round Of Empty Homes Funding 2012-2015

This amounted to £100m and was allocated between April and August 2012. The HCA allocated £70m to registered providers/housing associations and Tribal allocated £30m to 95 community led housing organisations across England ( but not Scotland or Wales).

Details of the 95 organisations receiving grant can be found here

The Second Round Of Empty Homes Funding 2013-2015

This was announced in November 2012 and once again there will be a programme of grants via the HCA ( & the GLA in London) for registered providers/housing associations and a community grants programme for community led housing organisations via Tribal. The total amount of money is likely to be c£75m, but on this occasion the split between the two Programmes will depend on the level of demand within each programme.

  • THE HCA/GLA Programme:

Bidding for the main HCA/GLA programme is now open and closes on 25th March 2103 Details can be found here:

Unregistered organisations can’t bid directly for funding under this programme, but can partner with a registered provider ( eg a housing association) in order to to make a bid. If you want to go down this route, then you must find a registered housing association, or other eligible organisation, with whom to bid.

  • The Community Grants Programme:

Bidding for The Community Grants is once again open to any organisation that fulfils the basic eligibility criteria set out in the Bidding Guidance ( eg a registered charity or company) and it’s not necessary to be registered with the HCA. This means that you can submit a bid on your own behalf . Details can be found here

Bidding is now open from and closes on 25th March 2013. See The Community Grants Programme: Introduction for more details

7th January 2013