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Information & Document Bank

We want to make it as easy as possible to set up a self-help housing project and to reduce the need for you to start from scratch, when it comes to drawing up your own documentation and policies.

This document bank contains a range of working documents which have submitted by a variety of self-help housing projects, which can be amended for use as required.

That said, you’ll need to satisfy yourself that they actually do the job that you want them to. If in doubt you might like to contact the project in question and discuss it with them. All documents are badged to indicate from where they’ve come and all projects are listed in the Directory (Section 3.2)


1. Tenancy Agreements

1.1 Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement – Latch
1.2 Summary Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement – Latch
1.3 Contractual Tenancy Westminster Housing Co-op

2. Leases With Owners

2.1 Local Authority Lease – Canopy
2.2 Lease With Private Owner

3. Refurbishment

3.1 Project Proposal Template – Latch
3.2 Decent Homes Standards Inspection Form – Latch
3.3 Self-Refurbishment Method Statement – Phoenix Housing Co-operative
3.4 Temporary Social Housing Grant Standards ( HCA Design Guide Extract)
3.5 Planning Issues & Empty Property

4. Risk Assessment

4.1 Risk Assessment Pro-Forma– Advocates For The Homeless

5. Maintenance

5.1 Property Inspection Form – Latch

6. Health & Safety

6.1 Health & Safety Policy – Canopy
6.2 Health & Safety Manual – Latch
6.3 Health & Safety Manual – Phoenix Housing Co-operative
6.4 Health & Safety Induction Check List – Advocates For The Homeless

7. Training/ Work Experience

7.1 Learning Agreement – Advocates For the Homeless
7.2 Guidelines For Dealing with Work Experience Placements – Latch

8. Housing Management, Organisation & Policy

8.1 Housing Management Service Standards – Latch
8.2 Application Pack – Riverlink Housing Co-operative
8.3 Policy/Job Descriptions & Standing Orders – Riverlink Housing Co-operative

9. Equal Opportunities

9.1 Equal Opportunities Policy – Canopy

10. Volunteers

10.1 Volunteer Policy – Latch
10.2 Volunteer Agreement – Volunteering England
10.3 Volunteer Support Worker Job Description Sample – Canopy

11. Child Protection

11.1 Child Protection Policy – Canopy

12. Project Development

12.1 Outline Project Proposal
12.2 Model Constitution For An Unincorporated Informal Association

13. SHH Information

13.1 SHH Information – Latest Flyer